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Penyffordd and District

 (2 miles away)

This blog is about life in Penyffordd. It is also a protest about 1000 - 2000 speeders a day through the village. Also we have a bypass but HGV's continue to take shortcuts. I want to live in a village not a race track.

There is a temple

 (9 miles away)

There is a temple

at the foot of Nanshan,and an ancient banyan is in front of it.One morning,a young monk gets up to clean up northface the courtyard and sees the fallen leaves from the ancient banyan are everywhere,he can\'t help worrying and look at the tree to sigh.For his sorrow is on the toppest,he throws down the broom and rushes to his master\'s room the north face,then he knocks on the door to plea for interview.His master hears it and opens the door,when he sees the disciple\'s worried look,he thinks something takes place,so he hurries to ask him:" My disciple, what does you worry about so much in the early morning? "The young disciple is full of doubt and tells him:"Master, north face fleece you persuades us to be diligent to cultivate our moral character and grasp the truth day and night,but, even I learn them well ,it is hard to avoid to die.Till that time,so-called me, so-called Dao, aren\'t they just like the defoliation in autumn or the deadwood in winter? and they will be buried by a heap of loess?"After hearing it ,the old monk points at the ancient banyan and says to the young monk:" My disciple ,you don\'t need to worry about this.In fact, the defoliation in autumn and the deadwood in winter will climb back to the trees silently and become north face outlet the flowers in spring and grow up into the leaves in summer at the time of autumnal winds is blowing strongliest and the snow falls down most heavily.""Why don\'t I see it?"It is the reason north face discount that there isn\'t any view in your heart, so you can\'t see the bloom ."Facing the withering defoliations and imaging they will be in bud,it needs to have an immortal of spring heart, an optimism of heart.There are always some miseries you will meet in your whole life and strike you north face jacket when you are unprepared, but we don\'t need to worry day after day for the arrival of this day, andfeelsorrytoyourself.Treating the life with the attitude of the optimism, it can not only dissolve theagony and misfortune , north face sale but also bring a kindof pleased mood to you everyday and make your life bright and flourishing .As long as the view is in the heart,aren\'t the paths full of fragrance of north face store flowers everywhere?If I were a boy again, I would practice perseverance more often, and never give up a thing because it was or inconvenient. If we want light, we must conquer darkness. Perseverance can sometimes equal genius in its results. “There are only two creatures,” syas a proverb, “who can surmount the pyramids—the eagle and the snail.
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old penycae

 (12 miles away)

My mothers parents came from penycae and ive been researching my grandparents who lived at number 9 hill st penycae. This address no longer exists the street starts at number 15.Many years ago i went to hill st and i think there was a ww1 memorial at the start of the street.Can anyone enlighten me.My grandparents were Charles and Mary Elizabeth Rogers,if anyone knew of them that too would be helpful but i think it unlikley they left wales circa 1900.My grandparents parents lived in stryt issa number 29 i know only my great granfathers name which was john he was a blacksmith and his wife died early.If anyone can give me information with regards to these families i would be grateful.

yours Roger Woodcock

The Hoylake Bugle

 (16 miles away)

All the news, views and Barney McGrews you'll ever need to know about Hoylake.


 (17 miles away)

A Liverpool FC fans' blog discussing the latest events surrounding the Reds.

Benefit Scrounging Scum

 (17 miles away)

Life in a broken bureaucracy with a bendy and borked body

Abergele LDP Action Group

 (18 miles away)

Blog raising important issues relating to how the Deposit Local Development Plan being railroaded through by Conwy County Borough Council will affect Abergele and its residents.


 (18 miles away)

wedding dress

Sick to my stomach

 (19 miles away)

I am 55 years old and have lived in London all my life. Well up to when I moved to Bodelwyddan 5 years ago. The reason I picked Bodelwyddan was I liked the fact that It only had a church, a chippy, a pub, and a post office. Wow that was what I was after a VILLAGE, a real village. Now some beurocratic Basxxxd sitting in an office wants to ruin my environment,I am devastated at what they want to do. I give my pledge that I will do what ever it is going to take to stop these people. They want to build more factories in the shadow of empty factories,The industrial estates are full of empty factories. Houses have been up for sale for over a year, yet they want to build more. What an earth is up with these people, I know, they don't live here.If anybody else want to help Just drop me an email.


LDP fiasco

 (19 miles away)

Isn't it nice of Denbighshire council to give Bodelwyddan residence a chance to discuss the LDP. It won't make a bit of difference what ever is said. All because money talks. If you want a new school let the developers build a few houses. If you want some new roads and infrastucture let Tesco build a new shop. What a poxy way to go on. The ordinary person doesn't stand a chance. So why are we wasting time even talking to the idiots on Denbighshire council who are being led by the nose, What a bloody joke.


Moelfre LL22

 (22 miles away)

Hi I was wondering if anyone has any information on the local history of Moelfre as we are a new family renovating a welsh long-house there, its such a pretty little place I would love to know all about it and any funny stories anybody has to tell please, many thanks ladybug73


 (24 miles away)

A blog about the Parish of Maesbury.

There is a seperate History Blog for the Parish.

The Maesbury History Blog

 (24 miles away)

A potted history of the Parish of Maesbury. A very boring place with a very interesting history and a unique purpose built canal village and inland port.

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